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Hi and welcome to ‘Hit The Path’, the ultimate road trip guide!

My name is Sarah Sorge. I’m a crazy Australian Economist with a thirst for adventure and a yearning to circumnavigate the earth, one empty wallet at a time.

I have always enjoyed travelling above all else. Back in the day I would have been one of those skeezy old strumpets with black teeth, stowing away on a Queen’s navy vessel bound for the new world. I can imagine it now, spending my days on the open water, yacking on hard-tack, popping babies out on the poop deck and carrying every class of disease known to man.

Fortunately for me, we now live in a world of planes, automobiles and penicillin, so traveling is quick, easy and relatively painless.

I came to America in 2007 and after receiving my citizenship in 2012, I wanted to give thanks and express my gratitude to the country that accepted me and gave me more options in life. I thought what could be better than driving to every state and seeing every square inch of this beautiful and vast land.

Four years on and I have seen every state several times over. I think I’m a pretty good authority on travel, road tripping and experiencing the American landscape.

There are several reasons I created this site. I want to help and encourage others to step outside their normal routines and enjoy an adventure, no matter how big or small. I want to encourage local tourism, especially to small towns and out of the way states that need help in this day and age, and I want to create an interactive environment for fellow adventurers to share stories and memories of all their favorite destinations.

Ahh we are here on earth but for a very short time, let’s have adventures and fun now, so we have many good memories to draw upon when our minds are willing and wistful , but our bodies are weak and feeble.

Stay gregarious and intrepid my friends.  🙂

Sarah. xxx

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16 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Sorry to have missed you. Great time to go to China – Spring Festival is over now, so the planes are empty. Wish I was at a place in my life to join you. Yeah, being prudish makes no sense when traveling in close quarters with someone – By the way, love your blog – one piece of advice to share with your readers in your blog about traveling for romance: get the person you’re traveling to visit to show you his/her ID card video so you actually know the person’s identity. Seems like people will get on a plane without even knowing that much for sure.

  2. hi Sarah where are you right now , i´ll more than happy to help you with your plans

    travel is life , is the best experience ever !

    right now I´m in Bogota , but i move to Medellin next week and then to Spain for a while 😀

  3. Hi. I like your profile so I visit your website. It´s very interesting your way to meet foreign people. I offer my house ¡, I live in Bogotá, from where you can move to the rest of colombian beautifull places: snown mountain near the sea, small desert, the most beautifull river in the word, and many otrher magical places. I hope your answer.

  4. Hi Sarah, my name is Mo. First of all – nice Website! Very impressed of your lifestyle and experiences you made! I’m from Germany and never visited the U.S. But this year I want to travel the Route 66 from Chicago to the WestCoast. Do you have some nice tipps for me? Would be very nice to hearing from you. You’re welcome to answer on my E-Mail adress. Kind regards… Mo

  5. Hi Sarah. Just found your blog & it’s awesome. I’m an attorney in Las Vegas and I travel often to South America. Just curious who do you book your flights through?

    1. Hi Ben!
      I normally go through Priceline because they have more carrier options to the Middle East, as that’s where I normally go. This china trip though will be through a deal on Travelzoo.

  6. Hi Sarah
    I live in Brazil, wich might be your next destination.
    I work at the tourism area and at the moment creating an website to sell tours all around the world.
    Please write me and we may have a partneship.
    Best Regards!

  7. Hey its Medo i am an Egyptian who traveled ,visited more than 30 countries around the world , i am interested about ur ideas and i can help u with any information about the old Egyptian cultures , u should come and visit Egypt and u can depend on me to make u such a great programs , i am working with Egyptair lines base in Cairo international airport , ill write u an email if u would like to contact midofammy0000@gmail.com or medo fahmy on fb

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