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Don’t Let Terrorism Stop You From Living Your Life

Don’t Let Terrorism Stop You From Living Your Life

terrorism - hit the path

It seems like a weekly occurrence these days huh, A very small minority ruining it for everybody else. Innocent people getting hurt and killed by extremists hiding behind the guise of political and religious agendas as an excuse to gain attention, fame, “glory”, and recognition in the name of their twisted doctrine. Terrorism is far from a new concept, it’s been occurring for thousands of years and with the advent of 24 hour media, internet “privacy” technologies and cheap ubiquitous transportation, the fear of terror is harder to contain than ever before.

This is an important post that I wanted to share with you, my readers. It’s empowering, motivating, and more importantly, a message to all the monsters of this world that you will NEVER win! You will never take our freedom that our forefathers and mothers  fought so hard for, and you and your medieval thinking will never stop us from living the life that WE THE PEOPLE cherish and WILL forever preserve.


Continue to Live Your Life

terrorism - hit the pathYup that’s right. Continue to live your life. Travel is one thing that we should all enjoy, and unfortunately it’s the one thing that terrorism easily targets. Remember these extremists cowards want you to be afraid. They want you to be afraid to step out your door and they want you constantly be in a state of fear and uncertainty. By altering your routine and limiting your exposure to life experiences, you are allowing them to gain control of your life! Take it back, stand up and say that I will not be a victim to this!

Keep your travel plans, go to that outdoor concert, festival, or event. Eat at the restaurants you want and resolve yourself to keep on enjoying your life.


Practice common sense 

Now I’m not asking you walk down the streets of Pakistan wearing hot shorts and a tank top. There’s a difference between living your life with dignity and putting yourself deliberately in harms way. It’s important to be respect local customs, be educated on previous events and assess your risks before embarking anywhere. The reality is that nowhere is 100% ‘safe’ to visit, or even live for that matter, but here are 10 things you can do to limit your exposure to risk:

  • Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings
  • Respect the customs and culture of the countries you visit
  • Dress appropriately for where you are
  • Report anyone acting suspicious to authorities
  • Don’t congregate around crowded areas
  • Sit in quiet, high security parts of the airport
  • Be careful and aware around tourist attractions
  • Know where local police and fire stations are
  • Don’t be too trusting and don’t give anyone your personal detail
  • check out the State Department website before you consider leaving the US.


Keep an open mind

The news is a wonderful tool that we are all grateful for, but it also does a really good job of providing us with a live, 24-hour stream of the worlds worst depravity. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fear machine, but take a step back and educate yourself beyond the negativity. Yes the news is real but its only a minute part of the whole world’s population and situation. Everybody else is miles away just trying to survive from day to day and do whatever they can find a little bit of happiness. Travel had helped me tremendously with learning to be open minded. I never go on what other people say, I’ve always been the type to want to go and see how things are for myself within reason, and I’ve never been disappointed. To me it’s the everyday individuals that make a country memorable, not some delusional idiot with a gun.


Understand that these mentally unstable people are NOT representative of their country or religionhave fun hit the path

If you take one thing from my website, please let it be that the majority of people around the world are honest, wonderful, kind, hard working people that will bend over backwards to welcome tourists into their community. Every traveler you meet will have countless stories of the kindness local people have provided on their adventures. Everything from free food, a place to stay for the night, an invitation to spend time with their family, or just someone to talk to and provide language help, it’s all there and it comes from a place of kindness and generosity. Don’t let the cruel depravity of a select few ruin your impression of a whole country or it’s majority population.



Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be will be)

Resolve yourself to the fact right now that none of us will live forever and NOTHING is guaranteed in life. Now you can sit and home and wrap yourself in cotton wool and never put yourself out into the world, but then you may as well be dead already, because what kind of quality of life is that? Life is a journey of risk taking, choice making and a commitment to continual education.

I don’t embrace death, but I’m not afraid of it either. I know that if I die due to terrorism, I was out living my life and doing something that I really enjoyed. I’m grateful for every day, and every day from this point on is a blessing.

Now get out there, travel and start living your dreams!

god speed and god bless.

sarah sorge - hit the path

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