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How To Do Laundry On The Road

How To Do Laundry On The Road

Ok so this might seem like an obvious life skill to some people, but there is actually a knack to doing laundry on the road. Most of us grew up in a world of technology, and the closest we come to washing clothes these days is pressing a few buttons on a washing machine. Doing laundry by hand is a laborious, boring, crappy process that really makes you appreciate what you have at home!

Whether you have to go to the trouble of hand washing on the road depends on where you are and how much you have. If you have a lot of clothes, try and find a laundromat,  if your in a cheap country and short on time, pay to have the hotel do it (although I’m always paranoid that someone will sniff my undies!), and if you have no other choice but to hand wash, then follow these simple instructions.

First of all, it’s always good to pack a small supply of laundry detergent powder in your suitcase in a ziplock bag. Secondly, I always wait until I’m in a nice hotel for a couple of days. Nicer hotels normally have bigger sinks and more space and furniture to hang things on, and make sure that you have enough time to let things dry. OK Here we go!


  1. Fill up the sink with warm water and drop in some detergent, or shampoo or soap. Put the clothes in groups, I usually do intimates first, then shirts, then pants. Let them soak for a few minutes in the soapy water.


doing laundry - hit the path


2. Agitate the clothes around and make yourself into a human washing machine! If you are dirty like me, the water should be turning brown. MMM.


doing laundry - hit the path


3. Rub extra soap on the heavily soiled areas such as crotches, underarms and feet bottoms. Then drain the water and rinse the clothes with fresh water. If you’re fancy you can use a bit of hair conditioner as a fabric softer. Wooo!

doing laundry - hit the path

4. Wring the clothes out of excess water as much as possible, and find a place to hang your intimates first. Hat racks are awesome for this, (It’s a panty tree!).

panty tree

5. That was easy, now here the hard tedious part. DRYING. I’ve tried many methods, and by far the best is to lie the clothes on top of dry towels, roll them up and then kneel on them to drain out the excess water. This will make them dry in half the time, I promise!

the clothes roll

6. Now you have to find somewhere for the larger items to dry. Utilize any space you can, but make sure the clothes aren’t touching and there is enough airflow.

doing laundry - hit the path doing laundry - hit the path doing laundry - hit the path

By morning everything should be dry. If it’s still wet in some places, put the hair dryer on it for a few minutes. Oh, and be careful putting wet clothes on varnished wood, it causes damage. Wow how nice is it to have fresh clothes! It’s such a luxury to be clean and smelling fresh!

You are welcome!

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