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Hotel Vs. RV Rental – The Road Trip Accommodation Showdown

Hotel Vs. RV Rental – The Road Trip Accommodation Showdown

RV Vs Hotel - Hit the Path

To RV or not to RV….As an avid outdoors woman and traveler, it’s always been a dream of mine to hire an RV and take a road trip off the beaten path. Unfortunately it hasn’t been an option so far, but I really envy those who own or rent one and create their own vacations. RV ownership is very expensive and it’s more of a lifestyle choice then anything else, so I will just be including the rental options in this comparison. The cheapest option by far is to sleep in a tent, but for most people comfort is a major priority. Let’s examine the average weekly cost and some pros and cons of RV rental, and see which is a better option for your needs. This isn’t an attempt to turn you off, but to inform you of all the options available.


Average Cost of Renting An RV for One Week (off-peak times in mid-October):

Standard RV: $875

Mileage charge for 1,400 miles: $490

Taxes: $129

Fuel Costs (100 gallons @ 3.00 a gallon): $300

Provisioning rental (kitchen stuff, bedding): $225

Campground Fees ($10 to $50 a night): $300 (Plus national park entrance fees)

Total Average Weekly Cost: $2,319. (or $331 a day)


Average Cost Of Hiring A Car + Hotel For The Week (for the same time period):

Standard Rental Car: $278

Fuel cost: $132

Hotel costs ($70 a night): $490

Total Average Weekly Cost: $900. (or $128 a day)



RV Pros.

  • It’s comfortable and you have your own space. This is probably the number 1 reason many people choose to rent an RV. It’s your own space and you know where you will be sleeping every night and it’s reasonably clean, which can’t be said for some hotels.
  • It’s a good option for children and pets Having areas for kids to stretch out and nap in is great, as is having a toilet on board.  It’s also a good for pets and some companies allow animals. It’s far less stressful then moving around to a different hotel every night
  • Stay in areas with no hotels close by I remember my last trip to Yellowstone and staying in a hotel that was 90 minutes away from the park. Although the scenery was beautiful, it was a pain driving in and out every day. You can also pull over and nap in rest areas.
  • great for national parks It really is the best way to see the national parks. Speed is not a concern when touring around so you can travel at your own leisure, stop when you want and sleep at the designated camping grounds.
  • can sleep 5-7+ people It really is a great option for families to disconnect and spend time together exploring the country.
  • Have your own kitchen This is a HUGE advantage over hotels, especially in remote areas. It’s so great to be able to cook yourself a hot meal and save money on eating out three times a day.
  • Privacy An RV is your own private home and living space on wheels. You don’t have to deal with loud people in the room next door, and if you don’t like your neighbors you can pick up and move.
  • On your own time Hotels have a set check out time, but not RV’s. You can wake up whenever you like, have breakfast and take your time getting ready for the day.
  • Good for events and high tourist areas/times It would be such an awesome thing to drive an RV up to Sturgis and party all week. RV’s are great for attending events and you can go wherever the party is.
  • Good option for visiting family and friends and not invading their house Its a great option for visiting family and not wanting to inconvenience them by staying in their house. Park and live in their yard National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Style!

Yellowstone RV Vs Hotel - Hit the Path

RV Cons

  • It’s expensive Yea…look above. It is not a budget friendly ground travel alternative. You could stay in a top-notch hotel each night for the price of the RV rental and gas.
  • Mileage is not unlimited And it’s expensive. You are charged per mile and usually in an estimated package
  • Slow, bulky and cumbersome Ask any long-haul trucker and you will soon find out just how exhausting driving a large vehicle really is.
  • Camping and hook up fees getting higher RV parks or campsites are not that cheap anymore. You may be lucky to find one for $10 in undesirable areas, but typically a campsite with hookups/utilities from what I’ve seen, runs $20-something on up (I’ve seen well over $50+) per night.
  • have to pay extra for pots, pans and bedding If you are from overseas, interstate, or just don’t want to bring all of your own conveniences, expect to pay an extra $225 per family to rent there from the RV company
  • Winter travel is not advised Some companies do allow it on the understanding that you will winterize the vehicle when not in use. This involves draining water to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting and using LP gas to heat it. Not only will it be cold, driving an RV in bad weather is not advisable.line-up RV Vs Hotel - Hit the Path
  • Depending on size may be difficult to get into restaurants and fueling stations Most places are designed for cars and depending on the size of your rig, pre-planning has to be done to ensure you have room to fuel up or park.
  • Getting into RV parks can be a nightmare My weekend cabin in the mountains is near an RV park. On public holidays there is a line all the way down the street to get in and vehicles don’t move for hours.
  • Showering can be a problem If you and your family enjoy long hot showers forget about RV’ing, or learn to adapt accordingly.
  • Mobility is limited. You can’t just nip off to the shops real quick if you run out of bread and milk. You have to pack up and take the whole fam-damily. This is why RV owners often tow a small car behind their rig.


List of popular American RV Rental companies:   cruise-america

Cruise America:

El Monte RV:

Road Bear:




The Ultimate Guide To Booking A Hotel – 10 Essential Tips

The Ultimate Guide To Booking A Hotel – 10 Essential Tips

I have been reading a lot about this recently, and wondering if I’m doing the right thing when booking hotels on my road trips. It can be extremely overwhelming, and deciding what is right for you depends on where you are and who you are with. Here we will look at some factors and recommendations to consider when booking a hotel, so you get the best room, in the best location for the best price possible.

hotel booking site collage

Don’t Believe booking sites! 

Yes my friends, they’re the George Costanza of the travel industry…They lie lie lie!

Don’t ever believe the “one room left!“, “all booked up” lines they spin you.  If in doubt, go look at some other booking sites and then call the hotel directly.  There have been a few cases where hotel rooms have sat empty for weeks because booking sites have decided to play games with availability. It’s not right for anyone involved and don’t buy it.


How to Start Looking

First of all, clear your cookies before every search! If you don’t, the booking sites increase the prices based on your previous search history.

There is also a general consensus among professional travelers that the device you use to search with will effect the overall price.  For example if you use a Mac, they will assume you have more money to pay and quote you higher prices, and if you use an old PC with windows explorer, you get cheaper prices. (more on sneaky booking providers here). It sounds crazy, but with booking sites, who knows what they are capable of! (More about dynamic pricing practices here).

If you are going overseas and you have a credit card that doesn’t charge for international conversion rates, then book through a local site or through the hotel directly. Tourists always get charged more than locals especially if you are coming from a western country. I just attempted this with Radissson blu in the UAE. The local Dirham price was $40.00 a night cheaper than dollar AND Euro!


Hotel radisson blu abu dhabi
Enjoying some luxury @ Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi

Booking sites Vs. Hotel Sites.

Booking sites are great, but also don’t forget to look at the actual hotel website directly. I’ve found Some of the best deals going direct, and you are more likely to get an upgrade and better service.  Booking sites charge a fee or percentage that would otherwise be going to the hotel directly.  On some occasions I have received dirty looks and a bad attitude from the hotel staff when I have told them that i booked though a booking site. It happens sometimes so don’t stress yourself over it.

Even if you do book through a booking site, its a good idea to call the hotel and confirm.  I can’t even remember how many times I have shown up at a hotel and they have not been notified by the booking agency, and I have to spend 30 minutes on the phone to get them to send my confirmation though. Yawn…..



When to book

The cheapest time to book is Tuesday afternoons at 3pm, 6 weeks before your trip. I might be that organized for flights but I’m NEVER that organized for hotels.  This all depends on where you are going of course, obviously international travel does require more planning, but my general rule is book the 2 first nights and always book weekends a few days ahead of time.  It’s also a good idea to check if there are any events or conventions before hand and always look at the location of your hotel on a map before booking. You might find a cheaper room out of your preferred area, but you might be paying the rest in transport costs.


What to book

If you decide to book a cheaper hotel, be aware that they are sometimes in seedy areas, so you need to watch out for safety at all times. Keep your passport and money tucked into your clothing and not in a bag that can be snatched. Look at all factors in your decision making process and write a list of all the things your are looking for. For example, your desired price range, necessary amenities, location, safety, cleanliness, noise and proximity to major roads and highways. Also look for whats available in walking distance, particularly in urban areas.


Food Access

One thing I always forget to look at is dining options. Some hotels offer a free breakfast, which is great, but it’s dinner I worry about mostly.  Some big hotels have restaurants inside, but these are crazy expensive.  If you are not out wining and dining at every meal, then make a point of knowing where the nearest supermarket is and buy food you can prepare in room.  This is also great for buying water and soda in bulk, and milk/creamer for coffee and tea. Those hotel mini bar prices are outrageous!


Be Aware of Extra fees!

A cheap hotel rate might look appealing, but do read the fine print! Places like Vegas add a tourism percentage surcharge, as does Dubai.  These rates are often separate and not quoted in the original price. Also be on the look out for parking fees (yes, I’m looking at you Airport hotels!), large group penalties, booking site fees, country and state taxes and credit card fees and WiFi. Have a look at what the hotel offers for free before booking (e.g wifi and breakfast etc), and make a note of the total final cost before pulling the trigger.


Weekend price jump

Hotel radisson blu abu dhabiWeekends and holidays are by far the most expensive time to book. Some hotels even charge DOUBLE the normal weekday rate! There are some things you can do to not fall in this trap and that includes booking as soon as possible and locking in your rate. Consider staying in the city center and financial districts in cities.  These hotels rely mostly on week day business travel and are often quiet on weekends. If you have a vehicle, stay outside of town and along freeways and away from popular attractions.  The American freeway system is littered with hotels of all prices and they need to fill rooms too.


How to fight cancellation fees.

I’ve got this down to a fine art now, and it’s not always my fault. Sometimes booking sites default to their cheapest available rates rather then for tonight.  This is the bad part about reserving a room through a booking site.  Most of the time your phone call gets shuffled off to a call center in the developing world and you find yourself pleading with someone who can barely speak English. The easiest thing to do is try and stick to your booked hotel, but just get the dates changed.  They will still try and fight you but at least you have the excuse of “I’m not canceling I’m just rescheduling” and it usually works.  If that doesn’t work, or you are trying to cancel completely then ask to speak to a manager.  They have more authority and can actually do something to help, and if that fails then call the hotel personally.  Tell them why you have to cancel, tell them you have no choice and try to work out a deal.


Coupons and Deals

I always always recommend signing up for emails at all travel, hotel, rental car, car parking and airline websites.  I created an anonymous email account just for this purpose, I check it every week and keep what i need and trash the rest, this literally saves me hundreds every year. If you are a frequent traveler it’s always a good idea to sign up for a membership program like AAA or Starwood preferred guest etc.  Sometimes it costs money to join, but if used frequently, will save you a lot in the end. In some situations, it’s perfectly acceptable to haggle.  If you are staying for a longer period of time, or booking a deluxe suite, contact the hotel manager personally and ask if there are any applicable discounts.  I did this recently, I contacted a chain hotel and asked them for their long booking rates and then if it could be discounted by a further 15 %. It worked! give it a try.


So here it is, my 10 favorite hotel booking tips.  They work for me and I hope they work for you. Be safe, be healthy, be wealthy and be wise 🙂


hotel luxury lobby


Tips For Hiring A Rental Car

Tips For Hiring A Rental Car

Thinking of hiring a rental car for your next road trip, vacation or work travel? Check out these tips to get the best value for money, and make a wise choice for your personal needs.

rental car

Why hire a rental car?

Unless you have an older reliable car that’s super cheap to run and fix, I highly recommend hiring a rental for your next trip.  According to AAA. the average cost of running a vehicle (including gas, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, registration and tires), is $8,558 a year or 57c a mile, and goes up exponentially with the size and make of your vehicle.  This is just a basic figure and doesn’t account for anything that can and does happen when driving for long periods of time.  Hiring a rental car takes all the stress and worry out of car travel, and for $20-40 a day, it really is worth having piece of mind.



Search and compare on all rental car and travel sites.


First thing is first before you seriously start searching, clear your cookies folder.  This goes for ALL travel related searches.  As soon as these websites know that you have looked at something a few times they’ll jack up the prices.  I learned that the hard way last time I went to Dubai, I just thought it was because it was getting closer to the weekend but nope, they were scamming me through my previous search history.

Look on all rental car and travel websites and keep a note of the prices and what’s available.  Websites you wouldn’t normally look at for car rentals (like Priceline), actually do the price comparisons for you and offer reasonable prices.



Sign up at rental car websites

OK so this is an obrental car alamovious one but it really is worth while.  I always create a fake junk email account ( is good because they don’t ask for a telephone number or any personal verification information), and I use that to sign up for as many travel service mailing lists as I can.  As long as you are not signing up for a credit card service, getting sent these emails is free and the coupons are worth it. Everything from hotels to car rentals, airport parking and flights can be couponed and discounted and you’d be silly not to take advantage of it.  Scan though the emails once a week and keep the ones that are of interest to you.



My favorite game

I’m sure I invented this but I probably didn’t, and it’s a sneaky thing to do, but print off 2 rental car coupons that say “Free Vehicle Upgrade”. Go inside and pay for your rental car with one coupon, then when you go outside and pick your vehicle, show the attendant your second coupon and tell them that you are eligible for a free upgrade, then walk over to the luxury grade vehicles.  This doesn’t work every time and it depends who’s working on the lot, but I have seriously gotten some awesome vehicles doing this including a V8 Camaro, a convertible mustang and a Cadillac. Take note of the attendants name and when you pull up to the gate to leave, tell them “such and such” said you could take this one. Haha! It really does work sometimes so give it a try!


Time of the year matters!

It really does suck that there is a HUGE price discrepancy between peak and off-peak times.  Iv’e gotten a car for under $100 a week in winter and in between seasonal times, and then had to pay $400 a week during school vacation times….Welcome to the travel industry…

Make note of all high peak and popular times and if you can avoid them or hold off your trip, then you’ll be much better for it.  Not only will attractions and roads be less congested, but you will save a bunch of money.

rental car mustang

Inspect your vehicle

I cannot stress this enough and once again, I learned the hard way. I was running late for a meeting and grabbed the first car in my category and took off. Little did I know that it had a huge dent in the passenger side door and when I went to return the vehicle, they said they had no record of it and I got lumped paying for repairs.  My insurance company was involved and I had to pay a $500 deductible. Now i don’t care how late i am, I go over that paintwork with a fine toothed comb.



Other useful tips:

-Don’t return late.  You will be charged a full 24 hours not part there of.

-Rent though budget brands.  I always do and never had a problem with good old Thrifty and Dollar. Alamo is awesome too.

-Don’t pay for extra insurance if your policy already covers rental cars.rental car gas pump

– Look at renting further out and organizing a pick up. Airports have surcharges.

– Always pump your own gas and return it full. Don’t trust them to add extra charges

– Don’t rent a GPS. It’s $10 a day extra and It’s always a good idea to bring your own or navigate using your smartphone.

– Pre-pay. This is hassle free and some companies also offer percentage discounts.

– Pay by the week even if you don’t really need all that time.  They often have cheaper rates for longer bookings. Do your research and change dates.


Yay! Now you know how to book a car, save money and get the most out of your Rentals. Enjoy your trip! 🙂




HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION – PART 6 – Saving Money On Bills!

HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION – PART 6 – Saving Money On Bills!

Bills!! Welcome to the last and final installment of the ‘How to afford a vacation’ series, and here are more providers that expect a chunk out of our paycheck every month and how to save on them.


ELECTRICITY –afford your electricity bill

Here is an industry that sees many changes happening now and in the near future with solar and wind energy becoming more popular. Some argue that it means steeper electricity costs for those of us who still rely on the grid, because somebody has to pay for the maintenance and upkeep on the lines and power stations, but I don’t know.  Here in Southern California we get a green energy rebate twice a year which virtually makes my bill only $8-10. Ha! I wish it was like that all the time! For those months that we have to pay through the nose, here are some budget friendly tips.

In Extreme Temperatures:

Try and suck it up. I know it’s so hard. I hate being uncomfortable too, but resist the urge to take the easy way out. Using climate control is like eating at a restaurant. At the time you’re all for it and want everything on the menu, then when its over you regret having to pay the bill.

In winter wear as many clothes as you can, this is the cheapest option by far. If you have a fireplace shop around and purchaseafford your electricity bill a cord of wood.  It might cost a couple hundred bucks upfront but is much cheaper than electric options. I normally do this for the really cold days and for the rest of the time I make do with an electric blanket and I sit upstairs in bed working and watching TV. It’s certainly a lot cheaper to warm one room compared to the whole house.

Last winter I was up in my wood cabin 6,700 feet up and a tree fell on the power lines. I was without all electricity for 3 days and it was extremely tough. I had to cook food on an open fire like a cave woman and I kept myself blissfully warm and unaware by being drunk most of the time trying to warm my stomach with brandy. You don’t realize how much you appreciate modern conveniences until your neighbors tree takes them away. It did teach me that I can survive and so can you.


In Summer wear minimal clothes and keep your house well ventilated. Purchase a water spray bottle from the dollar shop and keep spraying your body with water when needed. It really cools you off and it’s essentially free.  You can also fill it with rose water, Aloe Vera juice or cucumbers to make it therapeutic.  Air conditioning is super expensive and only use it if really needed. Try keeping it on for only a few minuafford your electricity billtes at a time to take the heat out of the air and switch it off.

As an Australian I think I’m a pretty good authority on extreme heat. I remember days when the roads were so hot they would take the skin off your feet and it was hotter in the swimming pool than it was outside.  We would also turn everything into a Popsicle. fruit and drinks were kept in the freezer and eaten frozen (grapes and juice boxes were my favorite). My grandmother would also load us in the car and take us down to the shopping mall….Why pay for electricity when you can use somebody else’s.  Keep spraying yourself and if it’s impossible to sleep at night strip off and keep a fan on low circulating the air.

Other power usage tips:

Do a walk though before bed every night. Make sure everything is turned off and unplug things you are not using regularly.  Remember everything that’s plugged in is receiving a small current. This goes for computers, kitchen appliances and personal care products.  When going away on vacation unplug everything. If its for an extended period of time switch your power off at the mains.

Start using energy efficient light bulbs. We don’t really think about it but we use lights for hours and hours every night and it can add up. Also clean/replace your air filters and if you are not a complete transient like me, think of upgrading your fridge and washer/dryer to a newer more energy efficient model. It will pay for itself in savings before too long and it also pays to only use dishwashers/washers and dryers when you have full loads to do.




when I first came to the states I was completely shocked at how much water was being used. everything from households to landscaping. I remember seeing lush green grass over here for the first time in many many years. I took off my shoes and reveled in feeling it between my toes for hours. While it’s all fun and nice to look at it’s incredibly wasteful of one of our precious resources, one that we all need to survive. I’m using to living in the depths droughts and after a while it becomes second nature to turn taps off and only use exactly what you need.

I also don’t like wasting money on bottled drinking water, what a scam that is! I brought a Brita filter jug
and use a recycled bottle to drink out of. It tastes better and cleaner than most commercial brands anyway.afford your water bill


Landscaping: If I owned a house I would definitely get fake grass. It costs a bit to purchase but saves so much money and time. no watering, no mowing, no hassle, its awesome!

Also plant dafford your water billrought resistant plants and succulents. I know they might look boring but some of them flower and offer great design characteristics. Experiment and have fun, you could also grow medicinal plants like aloe or edibles like prickly pares.  If you can turn your landscaping into something you can eat or utilize, all the better!




Toilets: Not many people in this country make use of low-flow toilets. They really are helpful and make complete sense! Not every trip to the throne requires a full flush. If you don’t want to or can’t invest in a new toilet, then fill up and cap off a half gallon bottle of water and put it in the cistern. This will trick your toilet into using much less and then thinking it’s full.

showers: I’ll tell you a secret. I really don’t like bathing or being clean and only shower 2-3 times per week and less in the winter. It might be my English blood, but I’m like a puppy that stands there with my head down whimpering and crying the whole time. I just have soo many things to wash and clean and shave, it’s so tiring. I pretty much have it down to a science now, get in, get it done and get out. Time yourself if you must but really, there is no reason to be in there for more than a couple minutes.  You can also keep a bucket in the shower with you and use it to water your plants.


BANKING AND FINANCE –afford your credit card bills

Examine your statements: This is the time to really sit down and look at all of your monthly expenditures.  My neighbors recently looked over their finances and discovered they are still paying hundreds per month in online services and subscriptions they haven’t used in years.  Granted these people aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but you’d be surprised at how many things can slip through the cracks when you aren’t paying attention to them, and these companies are certainly going to keep taking as long as you let them, especially the ones who use automatic billing in their fine print upon signing up.  This is basically a license to steal money from those who don’t keep an eye on the bottom line and banks are also guilty of taking hidden fees and services out of your accounts.

The good thing about online banking is the transparency aspect.  You have instant access to view all of your transactions for the month anytime you want and make full use of it.  Check it every few days to make sure no one is drawing on it that shouldn’t, and if you do see unusual behavior then contest it immediately.

Credit:  Yup we love using credit and it’s so easy to forget that this money DOES have to be paid back. Please don’t feel bad if you have been caught up in credit card debit at one time or another in life.  It’s happened to me and it’s happened to many good people and some of the situations behind it, like being laid off or having an unforeseen health problem or emergency, are understandable.  Of course other people are just irresponsible, but no matter what, try and avoid getting caught up in it at all costs. My mother always said “If you cant afford it, chances are you don’t need it”, And she’s right. Most things in life we can live without.  If you are in debt call around and try and get a consolidation.  It might not save a huge amount of money, but only having to pay back one bill helps and stops the urge to ‘Take from Peter to pay Paul’. Credit card interest charges are HUGE and Pay it off as soon as you can and stop using it until you are well in the clear again.  If you can’t learn how to use credit responsibly then simply don’t have it.

Have a good look at what cards you do have, what are costing the most money and what ones your really don’t need.  It’s flattering to get offered a new credit card, but if you don’t need it don’t accept it. Look at what services you need in your life and what you don’t. For example, if you travel a lot, look for a credit card that not only offers good rates, but also frequent flyer miles and hotel discounts.  You may as well be getting some perks out of it.


afford your credit card bills

Debit: I have a friend who is a compulsive gambler.  She wont come directly out and admit it, but after years of being yelled at by friends and family, and finally realizing she could have paid off her house, brought a new car and gone on several vacations by now, she’s starting to finally see the error in her ways.  She now takes action to curb her spending habits whilst still enjoying her vices.  One of these ways is leaving her debit and credit cards at home.  This is an excellent tip. If you are going out and you know you will be in a place of temptation, or consuming alcohol, take a set amount of cash with you and leave everything else at home.  That way you are not using more than you’ve allowed yourself and not putting on financial strains that you will later later regret.  Just make sure you have enough money to get home.


I hope you have enjoyed the 6 part ‘How to afford a vacation’ series and can get plenty of ideas and practice use out of it. Remember you and only you are responsible for your finances and if you don’t keep on top of your money, nobody else will. Make being responsible and conservative a part of your daily life and be sure to teach your children the value of a dollar and how to save for their future. It’s a very unstable world and who knows what will happen in times to come. Making small steps to hold on to what you do have now is rewarding in itself, and will help towards having a happier, more comfortable and more stable home life.  Save now, enjoy your vacations, and here’s to a great future.

cheers and thanks for reading! 🙂

HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION -PART 5- Saving Money On Transportation

HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION -PART 5- Saving Money On Transportation

Saving money on transportation

Hmmm transport. We all need it, and it all costs us money one way or another. Some of the best days of my life were back in 2003. I was attending Sydney University and I lived in a cheap flat 2 minutes off the subway line and 10 minutes from downtown. While the apartment would not be my choice of living standards these days,  not having to need a vehicle was a very freeing and cost effective way to live. I would buy a weekly student pass for the Sydney transportation system and walk everywhere. I was super fit and had access to the whole city for a few cents per day. It was only ever a problem for grocery shopping, so I would have to go to the shops a couple of times a week.

As much as I love America, the public transport system is not one of it’s greatest achievements. Unless you live in the north east, chances are you need a vehicle to get around. These days like most of you I am weighed under by the huge expense and responsibility of car ownership. Ha I know it’s funny, writing a road trip blog and secretly hating my vehicle but it’s true, I long for the days to be free of this burden again.


save money on transportation

Repairs –
One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was buying a fancy European car. Just driving into the dealership, I know right away I’m going to be out of pocket at least $800 for any minor problem and I have to have savings in reserve specifically for this. Boy I wish I had known this rule a couple years ago but my number one advice to anyone is buy American made, or at least a good quality car that’s very popular with cheap parts and super cheap to fix. Here are 8 examples to look at. You will thank me when you only have to pay $200 instead instead of $1200 in parts and labor. Here are some more tips when faced with a broken down vehicle.

– Ask friends and colleagues who have a similar car, who they go to and who they trust to fix their car for a fair and reasonable price. Word of mouth is   so important and mechanics take pride in their referral rates.  If you’re not happy, chances are they will cop flack from your friend as well.
– stay away from the dealership unless u are under warranty or there is a specific problem needed to be fixed by them specifically.
– Go and get a second or third opinion if something doesn’t seem right.
– Just like my hair salon tip, go to a not so trendy area. You might find a gem of a mechanic out in the burbs, as he doesn’t want to pay high rent costs       in the city.
– If you need to replace a specific part, ask your mechanic how much it would be to buy the part yourself (new or second hand), and then just pay for the labor to install it.


Insurance –
Another necessary evil. I pay my insurance fees twice yearly and it’s by far the most dreaded bill. I absolute dread it because it’s so expensive and It feels like it’s just money down the drain. Of course it’s handy when we need it, but when we don’t it feels like a total waste. There are a few ways to ensure that we only pay the bare minimum, and cover our butts enough to show Mr policeman we are good responsible members of society.

– Consider only paying for liability. The general rule of thumb is: if you car is worth $4000 or under, then it’s perfectly asave money on transportation and insurancecceptable (and significantly cheaper) to only do 3rd party coverage.  This will virtually cut your bill in half, but remember, if you have an accident and it’s your fault, your vehicle is not covered. Who knows though, this might encourage you to be a better driver 😉
– If you do have a newer vehicle and opt for fully comprehensive coverage, consider raising your deductible. Sure it’s nice to only be out a few dollars in the event of an accident, but again, the odds of you specifically causing an accident are very low if you are diligent and responsible. think about increasing your deductible to $500 or $750 to save on your yearly insurance costs.
– If you are a good driver, call up your insurance agency and remind them that you have been accident free for over 3 years, you are the only driver, you don’t drive much and whatever other reduction you can get. It’s important to keep on top of this and have an individual policy tailored just for you.
– Shop around. This can be a real pain as most companies want to know the ins and outs of a ducks ass just to give you a quote. They will ask for your name, address, email, phone, vehicle age and brand at the least. If you want to get quotes  anonymously set up a new email, give your neighbors address, don’t use your real name but give the right vehicle information. Haha. Also, if you find a better deal but like your insurance broker, call your agent and tell them about the quotes you have and ask if they will match it in order to keep your business.


Lease Vs Loan Vs Own – 

Lease –

I remember when I first came to this country. I was so excited to be part of American consumerist culture I raced out and got a lease on a brand new Subaru WRX.  It was an awesome car and I thoroughly enjoyed it, only problem was the lease cost $360 a month plus a sizable signing payment. I diligently kept up the payments and after three years I had to hand it back and had absolutely nothing to show for it.  All that money spend for nothing.  I had the option to purchase the car for $15,000, but i was so upset with the whole process i walked away. It was a fun time, but I would never do it again, and I would never recommend others doing it, unless of course your employer is making the payments.

If you do decide to lease a vehicle, here are some other things to bear in mind.

  • There is a mileage limit. If you drive a lot this is not a viable option
  • Any minor scratches or wear-and tear-charges can be added at the end of the lease period.
  • If for any reason you can no longer continue with the lease, it can be very expensive to get out of.


Loan –

Loans are typically more expensive than leases and it just adds another humongous bill to your life. Its not uncommon to pay over $500 a month for a commodity that is depreciating by the day. You can use the same saving money tactics as you would with a mortgage. Pay it off as quick as you can, refinance, make extra payments etc. I don’t recommend loans but I understand it’s some people’s only option. At least it’s ‘yours’ at the end of the day and you are free to sell it whenever you want. Just be smart and sensible about it.


buy –

This is by far the best, smartest and cheapest option out there. A Mechanical Engineer friend of mine recommends buying the newest car you can afford as this cuts down the likelihood of potential mechanical problems. Buy a good quality second-hand vehicle for cash and you’re done!  These days car dealers are ready and willing to negotiate and you can pick up a really good deal.  If at all you are not happy with the quality or treatment you receive from a dealer then just walk away. Plenty more options out there and it’s important to have a good relationship with these people for any problems that may arise.

I paid cash for my car, and despite the mistakes I made with the make and model, I’m super happy I don’t have an extra bill to pay every month!



Remember at the end of you day, you and only you have to be happy with your choices.  Don’t buy a car to impress other people, that just attracts superficials you don’t want in your life anyway, and don’t fall for fancy marketing and sales techniques.  These people are employed to sell vehicles, and they don’t particularly care who you are as long as they make a sale.  You are the one who is responsible for purchasing, insuring and maintaining your car.  It’s a harsh world and bad things happen to good people.  You couldsave money on transportation be the nicest guy or girl ever, but miss a couple of payments due to being laid off, sickness, or any other unforeseen event and all of a sudden you are deemed irresponsible, unreliable and undesirable. This reputation will follow you for YEARS and will be extremely hard to shake off, and who cares? Nobody. These companies really expect you to pull money our of thin air! It’s really scary and reinforces the fact that you need to do your research, plan accordingly and live within or below your means.  The smallest drum beats the loudest.  Some of the most well-known billionaires drive an old car and live in a regular family home. Save your money, work on being an amazing person, and let other people do the boasting for you!

Happy driving!

HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION -PART 4- Saving Money On Accommodation

HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION -PART 4- Saving Money On Accommodation

Accommodation is the largest drain on our salaries, and changing in order to save money is something very personal and totally dependent on where you’re at in life. Some find it extremely easy to make sacrifices and give up a bit of privacy and convenience, and some figure they work hard and deserve a certain standard of living. If you have a spouse, children or pets, your choices are more limited And these factors have to be considered when choosing a balance between saving money and living a reasonable quality of life.

My number one rule (and I have a 800 credit score), is to always live WELL BELOW YOUR MEANS. And yes, I’m yelling! Honestly who needs the stress of owing money in their life? Not me!
Being able to easily make your payments, taking pride in what you DO have, and the ability to squirrel away savings creates a huge sense of satisfaction and mental well-being. Having financial resources creates freedom and takes away one of life’s great stresses.

Let’s examine some money saving tips for our biggest burden. Not everything is going to suite your personal situation, but if I can help you lower your expenditures and reduce your stress then that I call that a great success! Oooh, that rhymes.



-Rentingsave money on housing


Consider sharing –

I know this is a lot to ask and a huge no no for many people, but listen. How much time do you really spend outside of the house? If you work full-time and have have activities away from your living space, then why are u paying full price for a house/apartment that stays vacant most of the time? Sure we all love our own space, but mentally if you can shift from a whole house mentality down to a bedroom then what’s stopping you? Set up your bedroom with a TV, computer and entertainment system. All you have to do in the public space is use the kitchen, and who knows, maybe you will like your new roommate and create a friendship. Just do your research really well first and make sure your lifestyles are compatible.


Like most financial deals in life, rent can be negotiable. Not so much in high demand areas, but in most places you can come to an agreement with the landlord if you sign a long lease and if you have a good reputable background, you have some bargaining tools in your arsenal.


Fight rental increases-

Urgh! I hate when they do this! I flat our refuse to be increased and taken for a ride every lease resigning. If this Happens to you speak to them asap. The sooner the better and tell them it’s unacceptable and it’s not affordable at this time. I’ve always been able to get it taken down to the original monthly price and if not then only a few dollars a month increase. Stand up for your rights and remind them that it costs them money to have an apartment sit empty.
P.s private landlords tend not to do this and are more flexible and understanding.


Look on Craigslist –

I know it has a stodgy reputation but I’ve seriously found some great deals using this method. If you have the time or are just looking around and thinking about moving, put a ‘housing wanted’ ad up stating who you are and what you’re looking for. You might get some good offers.  Also use it as a research tool to gauge current prices in the area you are considering moving too. Just please be aware of scams and don’s send money to anyone, or sign any paperwork unless you have seen the place an know for certain it’s legitimate.


Consider work/rent exchange-

This is a good option for anyone with trade skills or some free time to act as a caretaker. Approach a landlord of a house/apartment and offer to fix the place up in Exchange for cheap rent. Also look at advertisements for apartment caretakers/managers. This can range from reduced rent, free rent and even a salary depending on how much work is required. Either way it’s a good deal for most people.


Move further out-

This is a tough one. What You might be saving in less rent, you will be paying in time and transport but in some cities this is a viable option and can result in a 30-40% reduction in your monthly housing expenses. Research your options and weight the pros and cons.


Owning and Mortgages

save money on housing

Owning your own home is a dream and one that i have not had the privilege of. I’m still too much of a transient and as a single gal with no family or ties anywhere, I don’t even know where I will eventually end up. If you are living the American dream, here are some simple ways to save on your mortgage that have helped my friends and family.


Assessments – 

Get a property valuation done on your house and find out what it’s really worth. This is really helpful especially if you feel that the market has dropped in recent years.  Not only does this give you a better bargaining position, it can also help you reduce yearly property taxes which cost thousands of dollars.


Make Extra Payments –

The power of compound interest is wonderful when it’s on your side, and your worst nightmare when its not. Some brokers allow you to do pay off your loan faster in an attempt to reduce interest payments and some don’t. If you are in the market for a new mortgage product, definitely make sure you can do this, but compare the huge benefits of variable length and variable payments with no payout penalty to current interest rates and other factors effecting your loaning options. An extra $1000 a year payment can reduce your loan by an astounding $40,000+ over its lifetime. So worth it!


Refinancing –

This can be a HUGE cost saver, especially when there have been dramatic changes with the economy and interest rates, but it does cost money to do it. It’s up to you to do your research and weigh the costs of refinancing with your current mortgage plan over a year AND over the variable length of the loan.



This won’t suit everyone, but if you find yourself traveling a lot for work, or spending weekends away with friends and family, consider listing your house or apartment on websites for short term stays. This can be a very profitable way to increase your earnings by a few hundred a save money on housing airbnbweek depending on what you have to offer and if you don’t mind people using your space when you are not there. Just remember to take all valuables out and abide by the listing guidelines. I even know people who rent to AirBnB full time and use that income to fund their extended travels around the world.  Another added perk of home ownership.


So there are my tips on how to save money on accommodation. Don’t ever be afraid of change, embrace it and think of it as a new adventure and a page to turn in life. Always talk to people, find out about their living arrangements and what they are doing, ask questions, do research and speak to finance professionals. We are so lucky to have the internet and the wealth of knowledge it brings to our lives…Use it to your advantage and have fun saving! 🙂



HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION -PART 3- Saving Money On Health, Fitness & Beauty

HOW TO AFFORD A VACATION -PART 3- Saving Money On Health, Fitness & Beauty

Ok so I’m not a Dietitian, a Physician, a Beautician, a Clinician or any other kind of ‘Ian’,  but over my 35 years on this earth, I’ve picked up a few tips on how to be attractive and healthy and how to do it all while saving money and living on a budget.

I wish I had started making these slight adjustments to my life a long time ago. I would start out with a whole new routine with gusto, then fail dismally after a few weeks because it was too much all at once and i would soon feel overwhelmed and unmotivated.  The key is to make improvements that are feasible, doable and realistic. If something doesn’t work out for you, change to something that does and if that’s too much, cut back and work it up slowly. Taking care of your body is an ongoing life-long commitment, but if done correctly, it can be almost unnoticeable and just becomes your regular ‘life’.


 Exercise –


Now I understand for some people the gym is something you can’t do without, especially for men who lift heavy weights, but the fact is that most of us can get our weekly exercise requirements absolutely free.  Take me for example. I have lost a total of 50lbs in 1 year by cooking at home and jogging around the block for 30 minutes a day. I was one of those people who brought a year gym membership, went 5 times and never used it again. The gym just felt like work to me. Going into another building after coming out of a building and HAVING to workout. Yuck.

What I do enjoy is hitting thesaving money diet and exercise pavement and being out in the fresh air.  It’s 30 minutes of time just for me where I can clear my head and jam out on my favorite songs.  I come home feeling exhilarated, happier and reward myself afterwards by eating a home cooked dinner, slipping into my jammies and watching my favorite shows on YouTube or Netflix. It’s the perfect way to end a busy and stressful day.  If you want to lose a lot of weight fast or are feeling particularly motivated, then do it morning and night.

For bad weather days and times when you want to work on upper body strength or abs, there are literally thousands of free workout videos on YouTube in all skill and intensity levels, all instructed by the worlds best fitness professionals. Can’t ask for any more than that. Get the whole family involved and get moving!

One of the best things about working on your fitness and weight a little bit everyday is that you are always ready for anything, anytime, anywhere! You no longer have to diet and you’ll be ready for that vacation or event, and instead of saying, ‘I don’t have anything to wear’, which is basically just code word for ‘I don’t feel sexy or confident in anything i own’, you’ll grab whatever is clean, because you know for a fact that you you look wonderful and others will think so too!



Vitamins and Supplements –


Vitamins are a $28 billion a year industry and a lot of studies have shown over the years that most of it is completely unnecessary. The fact is that nature has provided us with what we need in the food we eat.  If you eat balanced healthy diet and are a reasonably healthy individual, you don’t need much else.  Now if you can notice a huge improvement and it makes you feel better, then by all means go ahead, but speak to your doctor and find out what you really need, then do some research. Compare prices online and in stores and buy what you need in bulk. If it’s something that you use religiously every month then sign up on Amazon or the numerous vitamin sites for recurring shipments. You can often get a considerable discount


Supplements and protein powders used for sports and bodybuilding are also a super profitable industry with a lot of players and competition for the customer base.  That’s good news for us because it means they are willing to make an effort to get your dollars. What does this translate too? free samples! Yay! You can acquire these in several ways. Go to trade shows and load up your goody bag (best time to go is a just before the trade show closes as they will be more willing to unload stock), walk into GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe and ask what products they have to sample, or if you have a specific brand you want, email them specifically and ask. Be professional about it. Introduce yourself, say you are serious about your training, tell them you are currently using a competitors brand and you would be interested in switching to their product but want to try it first. Give your email, street address and name. You will be surprised how generous they will be to get your business. 😉


Beauty –


Cosmetics are a must have for most of us. Your beauty routine is one of those things that you can spent an absolute fortune on, or you can be smart and just look like a million bucks for minimal money. Luckily today there are a lot of services that cost next to nothing and offer BIG returns. Let me introduce you to the world of….Beauty box Subscriptions!! Ta Da! These are boxes filled with beauty products sent to your door and typically run from $10-20 a month. Some good examples include: IPSY, Allure beauty box, Birchbox, Sephora Play! and BoxyCharm. They offer huge savings and in the case of Ipsy, your $10 a month output will normally net you $40-70 a month of make-up and hair care. Boxycharm consistently delivers over $100 worth for $20 a month. Target and Walmart also offer boxes but they sell out in a few hours so you have to be super quick. With beauty boxes You don’t get a choice what you get but i’m not usually disappointed and it’s so exciting getting a gift in the mail every month. Also, you can sell the products your don’t want on eBAy and make up the cost of the box, essentially getting it for free. Its definitely addicting.  You can view subscription blog reviews and compare products and prices at My Subscription Addiction.


Nail Care –

It’s an expesaving money jamberrynsive luxury getting your nails done every 2 weeks, no doubt about it. I used to go through stages where id enjoy it for a while, then get sick of spending money on the upkeep and bite them all off.  Last year i discovered the magical world of Jamberry. Ahhh, I love you Jamberry, you make nail care fun and easy! They are plastic sheets that fit over the nails and in all honesty, it’s the only way I’ve been able to grow my nails as they break and chip easily. You can pick up Jamberry’s half sheets on eBay for $5 and that’s enough to do a full manicure, a pedicure and several other accent nails. Pick up a couple nail files. a pumice stone for your feet and a base coat nail polish and you’ve got an awesome budget friendly mani/pedi. PS. I get at least 2 compliments a day on them every day!



Hair –

I used to spend a small fortune on my hair. At least $200 every 5 weeks going to the best salons in Sydney and Los Angeles. Throughout my varied degrees of career success I’ve had to downgrade to more humble options and honestly it’s turned out for the better. I now go to a not so glamorous neighborhood and pay $30 and it’s actually better than all the fancy hair salons I’ve been to.  I get my regular stylist ASAP whenever I want and 100% of her time always. If I had dark hair I’d just do it myself with a box color, but as a highlighted chick, I let the experts do it. ALSO, if you want top shelf shampoo like Joico and KMS for half the price, get it at Marshalls.


Smoking –

ohhh I love smoking so much. Its been my biggest addiction and crotch in life, but I finally managed to break away. If it was healthy id be a 2 pack a day girl, but after watching my neighbor with lung cancer AND COPD trying to catch enough breath just to speak, I knew I had to quit. We take breathing for granted, but watching someone suffer and struggle just to do this simple life giving activity is disturbing and terrible.  Yup smoking is super expensive (even more so in Australia at over $20 a pack!), but quit smoking aids are just as expensive….Rip-off bastards….

There are a couple things you can do to quit cheaply. Some states will give you fee smoking cessation methods if you email them. Another way is to look on good old eBay.  A lot of people will buy a huge pack of gum, patches or lozenges, quit or take up smoking again, and sell whats left over on ebay.  You can buy or bid on these items for a third of the price of the original. When it arrives make sure the safety seal has not been tampered with and your items are in tact.

The method thasaving money quit smokingt worked for me was the 2mg mint flavored lozenges. I did them for a couple of weeks, then switched to mint sugar-free Altoids as a placebo for a couple weeks, now i’m nicotine free and so much happier for it. Bye cigarettes…P.S i loved you! (by the way, the more intensely you work out the less cravings you will have – double win!).

Interesting fact: Obama has been struggling with quitting smoking and using Nicotine gum since 2009. That’s literally YEARS! He says it’s expensive but he can afford it. I’m glad he can but most of us can’t. Quit and make the break permanently, it’s for your own good!

Also, don’t allow people to smoke in your home or vehicle and don’t be around them when they are smoking. That’s been the hardest lesson for me.




 Clothing –

So I’ve pretty much worked out a way to wear clothes for free and it works for Mens clothing too. It’s like a Secret Santa box swap for the broke and fashion deprived. Here’s how it works. People list gently used clothes on eBay for a pittance ($1-8 an item). Some of these items are designer and it great shape. You bid on it, buy it, wear it for as long as you like, then you list it back on eBay with the same ad as it had before.  There you have it, minimal effort, maximumsaving money on clothing results and FREE.  You can do it as often as you like and get a fresh wardrobe every week. I used to purchase my clothes at Marshalls and Ross, but you don’t get as much of a discount as you used to, so its just not worth it anymore. I’d rather wear a gently used item for free and change whenever I want, and the more people who do it, the more variety you have to choose from.  You can also find clothes at the second hand shop (look mainly for designer and unique items), or clean out your existing wardrobe and list them on eBay for extra money. You are Welcome. 🙂


Phew! that was a long post. I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to look and feel amazing on a budget and get some good use from them. Remember we only have one body and one life, so let’s take care of ourselves now and make it count. you’ll regret it later in life if you don’t. Hey I’m just trying to look out for ya!


Sarah xxx


saving money sarah sorge



*I have no affiliations with any of the companies mentioned, nor am I receiving any money for recommendations. Opinions are my own and from personal experiences only*



Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t eat amazing food and be healthy.  Here are some helpful tips for saving money on food…glorious food!



I always tell saving money on food meatpeople when I get sick of the finance business that I’m going to find employment is the supermarket industry.  No matter what economic situation the world is in, we still need to eat.  Imagine how much money we could save if we didn’t have to nourish ourselves every day. Next to accommodation this is the biggest expense for most of us, especially if you have a family. It’s obviously a lot easier for singles and couples to make drastic changes to the food budget than it is for families, but here are some great solutions for cutting your food bills, saving for your dream vacation and still being mindful of what you put in your body.



1 – Write a shopping list and stick to it. 

I really am not one for writing out budgets, after years of living frugally I’ve just learned to keep a mindful record of money in Vs. money out, but with shopping you have to know what you need for the week and stick to it.  How many times have you done your main shop and then gone back to the store 2-3 times during the week to buy what you forgot and inadvertently extras you don’t need and haven’t budgeted for! Those extra visits can add up to an extra $60-80 a week to your food bill. Having a clear plan of what you need for the week is the key to saving money on food esaving money on food shopping listxpenses AND saving time.


2- Plan your meals and cook at home.

I know…..this requires a bit of forward planning, but if you are cooking at home (it really is the cheapest option in the western world),
then you either spend the time planning ahead for the week, or spend even longer planning it day by day. The easiest and quickest way to do this is cook it bulk and eat it over a few days. Now some people don’t like eating the same thing every day (boo-hoo!), but I grew up extremely poor and i’ll eat anything and be grateful for it. I have no qualms about eating the same stew or casserole for dinner 3-4 nights in a row.  If you don’t like doing this and have a busy working schedule, then your options are limited to fast meals like pasta, stir fry’s and salads.  By cooking in bulk you can buy ingredients in bulk and you only have to cook 2-3 times a week and save your treats and dinner out for the weekend.


 3- buy fresh and do your own prep.

Have you ever really thought about how much extra that bag of lettuce is compared to buying an actual head of lettuce? It’s usually $3.00 more expensive and for what? Paying somebody else to spend the extra few minutes running it under the tap and chopping it up? Once again it’s something you can prepare ahead and eat later.


4- Breakfasts and Lunches.

These same principles for dinner can be used for breakfast and lunch. Instead of spending $5.00 a box on sugary cereal, buy some rolled oats in bulk at the health food store and make up some refrigerator oatmeal jars. They are super yummy, easy, can be made into any flavor, last a few days in the fridge and are very nutritious. Lunches can be pre-made sandwiches, salads or explore the amazing variety of the Bento Box craze. Left overs, rice, snacks and thousands of other options can be made into a lunchbox Bento that can offer something different every day. Remember that you can adjust to a new eating regime, just give yourself couple of weeks and you will be craving your new healthy options, and your body and wallet will be happier for it.


5 – Try foreign food

This is going to be a hard sell, but hear me out.  As much as I love US culture, the standard American Diet (or SAD), is just that…SAD!  There is a whole world of flavors out there that most of us are are completely unfamiliar with, especially when cooking at home.  We all fall into a routine of preparing the same handful of recipes over and over and being afraid of trying something new. I have great news! there are saving money on food restaurantsliterally billions of international recipes online and most are cheap and simple to prepare. If you find it difficult to start, try a cuisine with similar taste profiles and cooking methods to western food, such as Persian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern.  Once you have experience in that you will be confident enough to branch off to more complicated and bold foreign food affairs. Another benefit of expanding your diet is learning about other cultures and it’s a perfect way to take a mini cultural immersion when you can’t afford an overseas trip at this time.


6- International Markets.

Most people don’t know this, but one of the cheapest places to shop is at an international food market. Whether it be Asian, Indian, Arabic or Mexican you can be sure to find some good deals, even if you choose not to diversity your cooking experience. Here’s a couple of prime examples. A 1 lb bag of basmati rice is over $4.00 at the regular store. You can buy the same rice for $1.50 at an ethnic store and that’s not all, spices are considerably cheaper at almost a quarter of the price. Another benefit is that a lot of the markets make their products everyday so you always find something fresh and even if you only go once every month or two, you will notice the difference. Its also fun to try new things. Make an effort to pick up 2 new items you’ve never tried or heard of before, who knows, they may be your new favorite snacks, and if not, well, at least you have a fun story to tell.  I also think its important to get children to try new flavors and experiences early and allow them to develop and open mind.


7 – Increase your plant consumption.

Outside of the westernsaving money on food produce world, meat and dairy is a real treat and I mean a real treat! Don’t get me wrong, meat is my favorite food ever and if I could eat it at every meal I certainly would. I remember when I was a kid, i’d always save the meat for last and savor every bite. Mmmmm protein…..But really, dietitians are right when they say we don’t need as much as we think we do.  If you look at other cuisines around the world, meat is not the main focus, most of the bulk and tummy fillers come from vegetables, legumes and starch. Asian cultures go as far as to say as the rice and noodles are first and everything else is an accompaniment. Rice, lentils and beans are super cheap (you can even afford to buy them organic), and they provide a very rich nutrient profile. Most of us westerners are not used to eating this much fiber, so unless you want to be skywriting your name is the sky every minute and alienating people around you, cook them very well and even consider sprouting before using in recipes.


 8- Meat and Dairy

It’s no secret that meat and dairy can add a huge amount to your weekly grocery bill and the solution is obvious….buy only on sale. I have a favorite yogurt brand that I adore, but I refuse to pay $1.50 a cup for it, so I’ll buy it when its under $1 and get a couple weeks supply, also, consider making your own, it’s extremely cheap and easy and without any additives.

If you want to save money on meat you have to be vigilant and flexible. Instead of buying your usual cuts, look whats on sale and improvise. If a recipe calls for ground beef, buy ground turkey or chicken is on sale, then buy that.  Also consider buying meat in bulk and freezing it. Its helpful to have meat in the fridge when whipping up a quick dinner.



9- To coupon or not?

I don’t do a lot of couponing because I don’t buy (or recommend buying) a lot of processed food.  I try and keep away from the middle rows of the supermarket and shop around the edge, but coupons have a valuable place in budget shopping, especially if you have a family and buying in bulk. It’s great for disposable items like cleaning supplies and toilet paper, but remember before you embark on a new couponing regiment, keep in mind the time and energy you are spending in this pursuit, and make sure it’s worth the net savings.


10- Caffeine.

Yup I like fancy fu-fu coffees as much as the next person, but are they really worth nearly $5.00 a pop? nope!  These should desaving money on food coffeefinitely be put in the ‘once in a while treat basket’, and our daily caffeine needs should be made up of more humble options. I know people who spend $10 a day on coffee. That’s $3,650 a year! urgh! what an absolute waste….

I purchase a $7.00 bag of coffee beans every 2 weeks, grind them and make individual cups in my Keurig and its actually quite nice.  You get the fresh made coffee taste for only a few cents per cup.

Energy drinks also make for really expensive urine. Try brewing fresh ice tea or coffee and taking a natural energy supplement.



11- Alcohol

Alcohol is cheapest at the big national discount chain stores and online, but don’t forget the 6-pack mix and match deals at local supermarkets.  You can get 30% off already discounted wines and beers when buying 6 or more.  If you are interested in purchasing wine by the case online is a great place to look, especially when individual wineries have sales.


12 – Dining Out

I usually try and save my restaurant experiences for when i’m on vacation, it adds something else for me to look forward too, plus eating out all the time is no good for the waistline or my wallet. Most restaurants add salt, sugar and fat to make their food extra yummy and that I don’t need in my diet on a regular basis. Plus I like to cook for myself so I know exactly what i’m eating and how much. If you do decide to eat out regularly use coupons, look up the menu online first and give yourself a budget, go during happy hour, and don’t be afraid to ask what’s in your food and how it is prepared.


saving money on food cafe

13 – Entertaining at home.

This can be a much cheaper alternative to eating out but you have to be smart about it. Things can add up quickly and luxury artisan items can completely blow your budget. Ten items at $7.00 is $70! Look for recipes that taste great, but don’t contain any high ticket items, or consider buying one or 2 luxuries and serving them as a stand alone (e.g imported olives, cheese etc.)




So there you have it, great ways to save money on groceries and have fun in the process. Experiment, expand your mind and wallet and enjoy!










Welcome Volkswagen on dirt road

Hi and welcome to ‘Hit The Path’, the ultimate road trip guide!

My name is Sarah Sorge. I’m a crazy Australian Economist with a thirst for adventure and a yearning to circumnavigate the earth, one empty wallet at a time.

I have always enjoyed travelling above all else. Back in the day I would have been one of those skeezy old strumpets with black teeth, stowing away on a Queen’s navy vessel bound for the new world. I can imagine it now, spending my days on the open water, yacking on hard-tack, popping babies out on the poop deck and carrying every class of disease known to man.

Fortunately for me, we now live in a world of planes, automobiles and penicillin, so traveling is quick, easy and relatively painless.

I came to America in 2007 and after receiving my citizenship in 2012, I wanted to give thanks and express my gratitude to the country that accepted me and gave me more options in life. I thought what could be better than driving to every state and seeing every square inch of this beautiful and vast land.

Four years on and I have seen every state several times over. I think I’m a pretty good authority on travel, road tripping and experiencing the American landscape.

There are several reasons I created this site. I want to help and encourage others to step outside their normal routines and enjoy an adventure, no matter how big or small. I want to encourage local tourism, especially to small towns and out of the way states that need help in this day and age, and I want to create an interactive environment for fellow adventurers to share stories and memories of all their favorite destinations.

Ahh we are here on earth but for a very short time, let’s have adventures and fun now, so we have many good memories to draw upon when our minds are willing and wistful , but our bodies are weak and feeble.

Stay gregarious and intrepid my friends.  🙂

Sarah. xxx

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